Sunflower oil for that Summer glow!

Sunflower oil for that Summer glow!

How to use sunflower oil to get that summer glow

Filled with magical light, I turn my face to the sun and shine.
Sunflowers are the iconic summer and spring flowers. When you think of
sunflowers, you may think of a beautiful yellow field. But did you know these
golden beauties are undercover skincare champions? For centuries, sunflower oil
has been a natural ingredient that keeps you moisturized and vibrant. They are
an excellent addition to your skincare routine all year around.
Benefits of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is not only used for bouquets and cooking oils, it is also a potent
moisturizer. It is made by pressing the seeds of a sunflower to extract the oils.
In a nutshell, or should we say seed shell, sunflower oil locks in water and keeps
you hydrated. This oil also protects your skin barrier, which is especially good if
you use any kinds of acids like BHA’s.
Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic, so you do have to worry about it clogging your
pores. It acts as an emollient, meaning it pulls in and adds hydration to your skin.
It is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E and C. Having the right blend of vitamins
helps to keep your skin young and healthy.

Essential oils to pair with Sunflower oil
Rosewood essential oil comes from the trees native to Brazil and Peru. It is
extracted from wood and can be known for its warm scent and aromatherapy
benefits. If you or someone you know has depression and/or anxiety, this oil can
help. It has been shown to improve symptoms of these conditions naturally and
Blood orange
The blood orange essential oil is a bit more tart than its sweeter counterparts.
Perfect for summer, this oil detoxes your body and clears away toxins. Blood
orange oil reduces inflammation, the number one cause of acne. The
aromatherapy benefits include reducing stress and mental fatigue.

Not only does clove have a delectable scent, but it also helps relieve pain and
calm nerves. It helps with cognitive and brain health. If you need focus, this oil is
known to be mentally stimulating. The next time you require extra sharpness, this
oil is your go-to.
How will you incorporate these oils into your skincare?

Sunflower oil can be easily included in your skincare routine. It can be used on its
own for both an oil-based cleanser and moisturizer. The nourishing benefits of
sunflower oil, in combination with some of our favorite oils, will give you an
all-over glow.
Our newest Naked in the sun body Elixir has a combination of all these oils plus
more! Let us know how you plan to add this golden oil to your routine and be
sure to tag us in your post!

The amazing benefits of grapeseed oil

I breathe in the rain and wash my worries away
Whoever says you can't have your grapes and eat them too. Actually, they may
have been talking about cake. Either way, we love grapeseed oil! This oil is
underrated when it comes to skincare, hair care, and even cooking. In this post,
we will talk about all the ways you can start using grapeseed oil to nurture your
entire body.
Benefits of grapeseed oil
Grapeseed oil doesn't come from the grapes themselves, as the name suggests
it comes from all the tiny seeds. Within these small seeds holds a world of
benefits for our internal and external health. Grapeseed oil is very lightweight and
can be used on any skin or hair type. It is fast absorbing and won’t leave you
feeling weighed down or sticky.
This oil is one of those universal oils that pretty much does everything you need it
to do. It softens dry and cracked skin, and repairs at the same time. Grapeseed
oil contains fatty acids, these help balance your skin in several ways. One
important benefit is that they keep your skin healthy and shut out irritants.
If your pores are sensitive then grapeseed oil just might be what you’ve been
looking for. It can be used on your face and body as a normal moisturizer. When
used consistently it can even your skin tone, lessen redness, and promote a
healthy glow.
Grapeseed oil as a skin moisturizer will add sheen and softness. To use this oil,
squeeze a generous amount into your hands. Massage your skin with it for at
least a minute to get the best results. It's that easy, now you can rest knowing
your skin is happy. Our Naked in the rain body elixir incorporates this oil among
many more!

Pair your grapeseed oil with these essential oils
Grapeseed oil
Since we are on the topic of grapes, we have to mention grapefruit essential oil.
They may not be related other than name, but this oil still packs a punch. Like its
citrus siblings, this oil invigorates your senses and leaves you energized. For
your skin, this helps to reduce cellulite and balance sebum.


This liquid sunshine has many powerful benefits. When used on your skin, lemon
essential oil helps to brighten your skin tone and keep you looking radiant. The
best time to use this oil is early morning or mid-afternoon when you need to uplift your energy. It will enhance your mood and your productivity.
Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang essential oil has a heavenly scent of sweet flowers. It is known to
create harmony in your space and heighten sensuality. Not surprisingly, it makes
you feel happier. Who couldn't when you’re surrounded by this tropical scent?
When used on your skin it also eases joint pain and increases circulation.
Let us know what you think
We hope we have piqued your interest in using grapeseed oil, not just for cooking
but all over your body. This light and potent oil can be mixed with various
essential oils to add to its appeal. Check out our newest Naked body elixirs,
which all include this powerful oil. Will you be adding grapeseed oil to your
routine this year?
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