Spring Foward

Spring Foward

Spring. A new season. A time of renewal. A time change. Equinox. No matter how you say it, it signals a time of refreshment, a time to bloom, a time to hatch.

Here in the Northeast we participate in Daylight savings, a twice yearly tradition where we switch the clocks forward an hour or back an hour and we remind people to replace their smoke detector batteries. We also like to do Spring Cleaning, out with the old clutter and make room for the new and fresh. Whether its old linens, or the back of your pantry, or your makeup or skincare. 


Ingredient Spotlight of the month 

Opuntia ficus-indica or better known by its common name, Barbary Fig

Barbary Fig is part of the Prickly pear cactus family, the oils from the fruit of the cactus is very widely used in skincare. Excellent for mature skin, it helps address signs of aging including hyperpigmentation, while the high fatty acid content plumps skin to help smooth wrinkles and increase firmness. Not only useful on the skin, barbary fig seed oil is also highly beneficial to dry hair and scalp, soothing irritation and boosting shine. Barbary Fig Oil is found in the entire Nea Naturals Barbary Fig line. 


Nea Naturals will have Big News coming soon. Keep an eye on your emails, this page and Nea Naturals social media  for more updates. 


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