Keeping Skin Healthy While Wearing A Mask

Keeping Skin Healthy While Wearing A Mask

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Clear While Wearing A Face Mask 

It’s certainly a strange and confusing time in the world right now. 

And what makes things even more difficult is not being able to see other people’s expressions when we are out and about and in desperate need of some human interaction. The only giveaway are someone’s crinkling eyes, indicating a kind smile that we hastily return by crinkling our own eyes up in response. 

Who would have thought that we would have to wear face masks everywhere we go? 

Then just as we start to get used to them, our skin starts misbehaving and can we really blame it? 

Whether it’s dry skin that’s pestering you or acne (yes, “maskne” is a real term!) then don’t sweat because we have you all sorted in this article!

Here are our top tips for navigating your way around wearing a mask and keeping your skin clear. 

Wash cloth masks daily

There are so many fun and interesting cloth masks available, one for every outfit, but if you do go the cloth mask route, we encourage you to make sure you are washing your mask every day as cloth picks up bacteria quickly, a no no for healthy, happy skin. 

You may want to alternate with surgical masks when you can. They are antibacterial which is already a better option if your skin is suffering right now, and they are more breathable too. 

Cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser

Our barbary fig oil cleanser will penetrate deep into your pores pulling out all traces of dirt, grime and toxins so you can wake up to happier, clearer skin even if you wore your mask all day the day before.

Cleansing twice daily is always important, but it becomes that much more important when your skin is unable to breathe properly for a period of time. 

This oil will help to provide a deep down cleanse all while infusing your skin with antioxidants, leaving it calm and soothed as it restores your skin’s natural pH balance. 

Keep your skin hydrated with this special ingredient

Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring amino acid with some truly excellent skin benefits in terms of ensuring the skin stays hydrated throughout the day, especially when wearing a mask. 

Some benefits of Sodium PCA include:

  • Humectant properties help to draw moisture into the pores, locking it in and preventing water loss 
  • Helps to plump and firm the skin
  • Enhances absorption of some other skin care ingredients 
  • Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

You can find this wonderful ingredient in both our barbary fig and hemp seed oil lines, it’s  a favorite with our customers! Our hydrating mists can be applied at any time of the day to add that lost moisture right back into your pores and for an instant refreshing boost!

We hope this article has helped to show you ways to keep your skin healthy no matter what your skincare concerns may be. Follow our tips and it will become a little easier next time you know you have to mask up.

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