Giving back.

Giving back.

Giving back, or giving of your time and self is a huge part of who we are at Nea Naturals. Our staff volunteers throughout our community and we also donate a portion of sales to Feeding America.  
The Feeding America network provided over 6.6 billion meals, helping 1 in 7 people facing hunger live more secure and stable lives. You can find their website here Feeding America . 

There are so many ways to give back in your community:

  • Donate time or volunteer, at your local school, church, food pantry, scouting organization, library, park or animal shelter
  • Donate resources, whether its money or cat food or school supplies or clothing. So many organizations are in desperate need of donations, clean out your closet or storage space, free up space in your home and help at the same time. 
  • Volunteer to teach a class through your local adult ed program or community center, what skill do you have that you can teach to others. 
  • Town clean up, next time you go out for a walk take a small trash bag, grab any trash you find and dispose of it properly 
  • Offer your services to friends or neighbors, drop off a meal, offer a new mom some help doing dishes or laundry , drive someone to the grocery store or offer to pick something up for someone who doesn't drive. 

Not sure where or how to start ? Check out the NextDoor app, or your local facebook pages, PTO/PTA pages, Girl scout or boy scout council, ASPCA, Park/rec department 

In every community across the globe we can all do better, one step at a time, one bag of trash at a time, one can of cat food at a time, one person can make a big difference in this world, Be the change that you want to see for good. 

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