Why add Coconut into your skincare regimen?

Why add Coconut into your skincare regimen?

How coconut oil can change your skincare
In the depths of winter, I have learned that within me lay the invincible summer.
Coconut oil is underrated when it comes to your skin. Its versatility goes beyond
cooking, hair care, or just enjoying it as a treat. It’s made from the inside of the
coconut. In its dried form, also called copra, this makes refined oil. This is best
for those who are sensitive to the smell of coconut. Pressed from its raw form,
virgin oil has a deliciously tropical scent. Either way, this oil is a household staple
in whatever form your choose.
How to use coconut oil on your skin

To use coconut oil as a makeup remover or skin cleanser, grab a small amount
and apply it to your face. Let it sit for a few seconds and then massage it into
your skin. Within seconds, your skin is as fresh as new!
During the cold and dry months, coconut oil is great if your skin is prone to
dryness. Use a generous amount and rub this oil all over your damp skin right
after the shower to lock in moisture. You can use your favorite lotion afterward, or
just go about your day using it on its own!
Who can use coconut oil
Coconut oil can be used for most skin types due to its diversity. Here is a quick
rundown of who it is best for.
For dry skin, coconut is great since it has the ability to hydrate your skin for a
long time. It is on the thicker side of oils, so if you need extra moisture this is a
good option.
If you have fine lines, coconut oil is also a good alternative to chemically ridden
moisturizers. For mature skin, it helps to minimize the look of lines. If your skin is
dehydrated or cracked a coconut oil mask can help bring it back to life.

For sensitive skin, coconut oil is good for soothing irritation and calming redness.
It has been used as a remedy for cuts and scrapes because of its calming
Oil-prone skin types may want to rethink coconut oil, specifically when it comes
to your face. Coconut oil might just add fuel to the oily flames. It can be
comedogenic and may clog your pores.
How will you use coconut oil in your routine?
This tropical oil is a lot more than meets the eye. Coconut oil has its purposes,
rather you’re in the kitchen, bathroom, or salon. It can be combined with several
essential oils to enhance its effects.

Patchouli oil has a rich history and was once used by high society women in
Europe. This elegant scent reduces anxiety and boosts your mood.
An honorable mention is a vanilla. Incredibly popular, this yummy scent pairs well
with coconut oil helps you de-stress.
Once you start using coconut oil, we doubt you’ll want to go back to a life without
it. Our naked in the snow body elixir features this oil and our favorite essential
oils that leave you feeling moisturized all day long. Let us know how you will add
coconut oil into your skincare routine!
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