Skin need a pick me up? Learn the benefits of Rose Water

Skin need a pick me up? Learn the benefits of Rose Water

Skin Need A Pick-Me-Up? Use Rose Water As A High Vibrational Skin Soothing Treat 

If your skin is feeling and looking a little under the weather then there is one ingredient you desperately need in your life; rose water!

This gorgeous ingredient can instantly perk up your skin, not to mention calm your mind and soothe your soul, and you’ll wonder why you have never tried it until now!

In this article, we want to let you in on all the beautiful benefits of aromatic rose for skin that feels fresh, nourished, and loved!

So, no matter how your skin is feeling right now, just know that by the end of this article you will feel a lot more inspired and ready to give it what it needs for an instant boost!

It’s a mood booster

Before we let you in on all the ways rose water can instantly nourish your skin, we thought we’d share its mood-boosting properties first!

Rose has one of the highest vibrational frequencies, meaning that adding this sacred flower into your skincare ritual can help to raise your frequency too. 

Its powerful aromatic scent works on the senses to alleviate feelings of depression and gloom while lifting your spirits and helping you to feel wonderfully refreshed!

When you spritz rose water over your face, in the air, and even on your pillow before bed, you get the full benefits of its scent for a calm mind and a lightness in your soul!

It will also help you to drift off to dreamland, enveloped in a cloud of fresh, floral, all-natural fragrance. 

Will fight inflammation and balance oil

Rosewater has excellent anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin C, helping to reduce skin inflammation and redness for happier, healthier skin. 

Rose also helps to control oil production by managing excess sebum in the skin, as well as balances the skin’s pH for clearer skin. 

We highly recommend avoiding picking your blemishes (as tempting as it may be at times!) and instead, spritz some of our facial mist to infuse your skin with soothing ingredients that will help to nurture and restore. 

Helps to fade the appearance of scars

Rose also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to provide relief to sore, painful blemishes, while helping to fade the appearance of scars with regular application to the skin. 

Adds deep hydration to the skin

Rose adds a burst of wonderful, refreshing hydration to the skin to instantly promote a healthy, dewy glow!

Hydration is key to the formation of structural proteins like collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance, and rose is also packed in antioxidants to fight and neutralize free radicals for an instant anti-aging boost!

Tones and refines the pores

Rose has excellent cleansing and refining properties to beautifully tone the skin, without ever stripping it of natural oils, as some harsh, conventional toners may.

It helps to even the skin texture and reduce pore size for a smoother, more flawless complexion.

Find this phenomenal ingredient, along with other skin superstars in our Hemp Seed Regenerating Mist!
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