Is your skincare seasonal ?  Q & A

Is your skincare seasonal ? Q & A

Here in NY things are changing. The weather is changing, cooler days, cooler nights. Kids are heading back to school and sports. We have had almost zero rain here in the Hudson Valley and are in a major drought. Leaves are starting to fall. This means the air is dryer and so is our skin. Extra hydration from the inside and the outside is a must. Drink lots of water. Take care of your skin. Apply sunscreen to your face and all exposed skin including the backs of your hands daily, even in winter

A few Q & A about skin we have been asked recently

  • Do i need to switch skincare with each season ?

No, you don't need to switch skincare based on season the seasons vary throughout the US.

However Nea Naturals does offer 4 formulations to suit all skin types which you can use as a set or pick and choose your individual components

If  you are feeling extra dry throughout the day use your mist throughout the day for added hydration OR try out the Blue Tansy & Hibiscus line for dry or mature skin.

If your feeling extra oily try out the Pumpkin & Tamanu line which is designed to help control oil production.


  • Do i need a moisturizing cream rather than an oil ?

​We don't think so, a few extra mists of Hydrating spray during the day or at night  will help add extra moisture, try adding Miracle Eye serum to help with dry areas around the eyes , nose or lips. 

  • My skin is acting up now that the weather is cooler , what do you suggest?

​Ask for samples with your next order, with formulations for dry skin, problem skin, mature skin and "regular" skin there is a Nea Naturals line for EVERYONE. Contact us and talk with us, we are all licensed Estheticians and can help with suggestions on which line or combination of products will work best for many skincare issues

  • My teen is starting to break out, what can help with that?

​Pumpkin & Tamanu.... My teen hockey player is on the ice 3-5 times a week and is super oily. Wash morning and night, follow up with pumpkin soothing facial mist and apply the pumpkin serum at night. We keep a spare mist in his sports bag to cool and calm his skin after practice. This routine is super simple yet amazingly effective at helping to keep teenage pimples away. Gentle enough for all teen skin types. For severe acne please work with your child's physician or dermatologist 

  • I had some bad breakouts and they healed leaving me with dark spots and uneven skin tone, do you have anything to help with that ? 

​Hemp & Chia would be our recommendation for uneven skin tone, dark spots, or combination skin. Check out this transformation below ! 


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